Salon: From Collector to Creator Using the CODE Framework and Roam Research

Ramses Oudt
Ramses Oudt
Salon: From Collector to Creator Using the CODE Framework and Roam Research

The CODE Framework is a four-stage process for knowledge management I learned from my personal knowledge management mentor Tiago Forte. This framework helps you go from collecting information to creating knowledge.

The CODE acronym stands for:

  • Collect: You need a place in your note-taking tool (AKA second brain) where you collect all your thoughts and notes, collecting anything that resonates with you. There are different tools that you will use for this step, but they will all feed into your second brain.
  • Organize: The trouble for most people is not collecting notes, it’s organizing them so they encounter them again.
  • Distill: Even highlights are often too much content to handle. You need to distill your notes to a summary that you can review quickly, almost understand it from glancing at it.
  • Express: This is the grand finale; ideas are only powerful when they’re out in the world. Information hoarders go nowhere because they don’t put their ideas to use.

During this session, we discussed into how to apply the CODE Framework in Roam, from capturing notes and insights all the way to sharing them with the world (in your own words).

I demoed how I use Roam to collect ideas, organize them, distill them into new insights, before expressing those publicly.

Click here for the slides shown during the session.

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