Questions, Claims, and Evidence: An Introduction to the Discourse Graph Extension With Cortex Futura

Ramses Oudt
Ramses Oudt
Questions, Claims, and Evidence: An Introduction to the Discourse Graph Extension With Cortex Futura

Recently, Lukas "Cortex Futura" Kawerau joined us talk about academic reading, note-taking, and streamlining the process using the new Discourse Graph extension. With this extension, you can easily create your own information model for any type of discourse. Out of the box it comes with a common model for questions, claims, and evidence and its relations (like support or opposition), but as you'll see in the recording it's very easy to create your own.

In an hour, we talked about the need for reading processes in all types of knowledge work (not just academia) and how to create your own model (called a grammar) for your workflows. Lukas showcased how to use the extension, but in the notes below you'll find additional info and the links to everything that was mentioned during the call.

If you want to sharpen your own academic skills, join the second cohort of the 4-week Cite to Write course. You'll learn the entire academic writing process start to finish and learn to master the Discourse Graph extension.


  • Any page name that starts with the word Playground automatically gets the visual workflow builder (e.g. [[Playground/Cognitive Biases]] or [[Playground: Cognitive Biases]]).
  • To open the powerful query tool that comes with the extension, press \ on your keyboard when on a Playground page.
  • The settings for the Discourse Graph extension (like the grammar) can be found on the roam/js/discourse-graph page.
  • You can create several information models/grammars (e.g. for different types of reading workflows) that can all work in parallel.

If anything isn't clear, please drop a line in the comments section below and let us know how we can help you.

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