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RoamStack helps you find the tools, techniques and workflows to get the most out of Roam Research

It’s easy to get started with Roam Research but it’s hard to master. Some users are happy to stay with the basics, but many others want to do more and become power users—using a wide range of features and workflows.

There has been such a growth of interest in Roam with new tools being released every week, that learning more about the tool can feel overwhelming.

The RoamStack solution

RoamStack is a knowledge project and community, catering to both Roam beginners and advanced users.

My aim is to make the complex simple and to provide resources in a way that doesn’t feel overwhelming. I cut through the clutter so that you get the most out of Roam with as little stress and friction possible.

RoamStack is your central hub where you can find information about tools, techniques, and workflows that will allow you to get the most out of Roam and become a more effective knowledge worker.

My goals are to:

  • Help you easily learn the skills and workflows needed to work effectively in Roam;
  • Help you decide on the most appropriate tools for getting information into and out of Roam efficiently;
  • Provide resources that will help you install and use these tools in the easiest way possible.

The core philosophy

At the core of my philosophy is the understanding that your time is precious. You want to spend as little time as possible finding out about how to use Roam more effectively and the best tools to use, because you have more important things to do with your life.

You have ideas to think about. Articles and books to read—and possibly also to write. Income to bring in. Businesses to manage. Jobs to excel at. And families to run.

So my job is to help you get the most out of Roam by minimizing the amount of time you have to spend learning to use it effectively.

That involves:

  • Keeping you up-to-date with what’s happening in Roam ecosystem in a focused way. So much is going on in the Roam community at the moment that it can be almost a full-time job keeping on top of things. So that will be my job rather than yours.
  • Giving you options—but not too many. Different solutions appeal to different people—depending on their budget, the operating system they use, their level of technical expertise, and what they want to achieve. I want to help you decide on what’s best for you without overwhelming you with too much choice.
  • Using the most appropriate teaching formats. So much online teaching and training these days is centered around videos because they are quick and easy for teachers to create. However, videos are often not so good for the learner as they can be difficult to follow and review. My policy is to focus on text, screenshots, checklists, diagrams and flowcharts. I only use video when it absolutely adds to what I’m trying to communicate.
  • Making information and resources easily searchable. When you need to find out something, you often need to find it out fast. I’m focusing on making the resources easily searchable so you’re not wasting time hunting things down.
  • Making information and resources easily implementable. I also want you to be able to get things done quickly and smoothly. So I’m working hard on communicating action steps in a clear and easy-to-understand way.

As a RoamStack member, you get access to:

Virtual meetups

Join fellow RoamStackers during meetups and discover new ways to use Roam to learn and be productive.


Come for the strategies and stay for the community. Network, discuss, and share ideas with other Roam power users.

50+ Lessons

Dive deep with with over 50 tutorials and mini-courses that take you through everything you need to know, from the basics all the way to the cutting edge.

20+ Hours of video

With weekly meetups, the RoamStack video archive is always growing. Couldn't make it to a live session? As a member you have access to the complete video archive.

Who is behind RoamStack?

I am a teacher turned technical consultant, a move made possible because I’m obsessed with knowledge management.

I discovered Roam in February 2020, after several people urged me to check it out. Roam cured my writer’s block after just a few weeks, and since then, I’ve used it to think more profoundly about work challenges than ever before. Now it’s my goal to help others become Roam pros.

Hi, I'm Ramses Oudt!

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  • Access to all members-only posts and videos
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