How to Install a Roam Extension

Ramses Oudt
Ramses Oudt
How to Install a Roam Extension

Roam extensions are snippet of JavaScript code that extend Roam's native capabilities. Learn here how to install Roam extensions.

Roam extensions are snippets of JavaScript code that extend Roam’s set of features. Below, you find instructions how to set up the plugin page and add new extensions.

Step 1: Create roam/js page

From any page in Roam, create a page titled roam/js by typing [[roam/js]].

Step 2: Enable JavaScript on roam/js page

Click the link so you’re on the roam/js page. There, enable JavaScript by typing {{[[roam/js]]}}:

roam/js page

Step 3: Create a code block below the JavaScript block

Hit Enter and then Tab to create a child block under the JavaScript block. Now, we’re going to add a code editor. In the new block, type /code and select the Code Block option from the trigger menu. Alternatively, type six backticks (````````).


Next, click outside the block to show the code editor and set the language to JavaScript via the dropdown:

Step 4: Add plugin to code block

Copy the JavaScript code from the plugin’s website and paste it in the code block.

Step 5: Enable JavaScript

Now that everything is ready, click the red button that says Yes, I know what I'm doing.

The block becomes yellow, indicating the extension is now active:

Step 6: Refresh Roam

To make sure the plugin is properly loaded, refresh the browser window or Roam app. The shortcut to refresh is Ctrl-R on Windows and Cmd-R on macOS.

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