Create Your Own Dropdown Menus in Roam Research

Ramses Oudt
Ramses Oudt
Create Your Own Dropdown Menus in Roam Research

If you use templates, it’s possible that you use a limited set of values for some attributes. So, what about adding a few dropdown menus to your templates?

Dropdown menus are a hidden feature, meaning that the option doesn’t show up in the trigger menu (/). Still, they’re easy enough to create yourself with a simple shortcode:

{{or: }}

After the colon (:), simply place the dropdown values, separated by a pipe symbol (|). For example:

{{or: Apples | Carrots | Bananas}}

The shortcode above generates the following dropdown menu:

At the moment it’s not possible to use the selected value in queries or search. This is because Roam doesn’t distinguish between active (selected) values and inactive (the other) values.

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